If you’ve qualified for VIVA Jeunesse 2019: Atlantis, you already know Atlantis Paradise Island Resort is a one-of-a-kind island playground in the Bahamas with enough indoor and outdoor activities to fill a day, and then some. Among the ways you can INDULGE. DISCOVER. EXPLORE. during this trip, don’t overlook the resort’s amazing aquariums and marine habitat.

It starts with “The Dig” – a winding walk through the submerged “streets” (and tunnels) of the fabled lost city of Atlantis. This underwater paradise is home to more than 100 venomous lionfish and 500 piranhas, along with dreamy, bouncy iridescent jellyfish and ominous moray eels. Perhaps the most charming of the habitat’s alcoves are the smaller “Jewel Habitats,” where you’ll look in on the daily doings of bright and beautiful tropical species, from queen angelfish to Cuban hogfish to adorable seahorses.

The 2.7 million gallon Ruins Lagoon is home to more than 20,000 aquatic specimens, including stealthy zebra sharks, gigantic spotted eagle rays and scuttling spiny lobster. And you can snorkel in this lagoon! You might not want to do that in the Predator Lagoon, where a variety of sharks – great hammerheads, blacknose, Caribbean reef sharks and nurse sharks – prowl the depths along with barracudas and smalltooth sawfish. View them from the safety of the 100-foot lagoon tunnel. Though, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can rocket through the Mayan Temple Lagoon shark habitat on a waterslide or “Walk with the Sharks” in a Sea Trek diving helmet, with similar species on all sides of you. Where else can you do that?

Atlantis offers still more interactive environments that give you an up-close experience with stingrays, alligator gar, green sea turtles, starfish, redtail catfish, French grunts, blue parrotfish, squirrelfish and more. It’s hard to imagine finding so much aquatic variety in one place, but you can see it for yourself! Beyond the endless experiences with marine life, the resort offers so much more, but only if you qualify for VIVA Jeunesse 2019: Atlantis. Don’t miss your chance.

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