We’re counting down the few short months that stand between us and the exciting Asia-Pacific & Africa Sales Incentive Trip 2019: Athens, and here’s just one more reason you’ll want to make sure you qualify and don’t miss out on this trip: a little bit of mythical time travel – if only in our minds – to the ancient Greek empire.

Practice your selfie poses, because the Athens Classical Tour, including lunch in the historical Plaka neighborhood, offers plenty of panoramic views of the city and Instagram-worthy backdrops – from the site of the first modern Olympic Games to the National Gardens to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Then step off our first-class coach transportation at the Acropolis Hill and take in the iconic wonder of the Sacred Rock, the Parthenon and many more architectural and cultural testaments. We will finish the morning at the Acropolis Museum, regarded as one of the world’s greatest museums.

After enjoying the historical sites, the Jeunesse Family will settle in for some of the finest local cuisine. We’ll relax over the freshest seafood from the Greek sea and other traditional dishes in Plaka, a district rooted in the Greek revolution of the 19th century, nestled in the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis. Plaka includes the Anafiotika neighborhood, established by the construction workers who relocated from the Cycladic islands to rebuild Athens during the time of Otto of Greece.

A look back at the origins of society is just a portion of what you will enjoy on this memorable trip with Jeunesse. Don’t miss out on qualifying, and be part of our time to INDULGE. DISCOVER. EXPLORE. in Athens.

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