Make your escape to the exotic and extraordinary as a qualifier of the Europe & Middle East Sales Incentive Trip 2019: Bali. A new world of art, dance, cuisine, wildlife and tropical vistas await, with so many ways to INDULGE. DISCOVER. EXPLORE.

Of all the attractions of Bali (named Trip Advisor’s best travel destination in 2017), two stand out. First is the prevalence of Balinese temples, or pura. There are so many, in fact, that Bali is called “the Island of a Thousand Puras.” These Hindu structures serve as walled but open-air places of worship and are known for shrines; towers (or meru), with distinctive multitiered thatched roofs; and pavilions (or bale).

There are several varieties of pura, each designed to meet ritual needs throughout the year, and they are found from mountaintops to the seashore. The latter, which date to the 16th century, form a chain around the coast to provide spiritual protection for the island, with the most important structures found in the southwest.

This brings us to the other attraction worth noting: the beaches of Bali. Specifically, the pristine 650-meter stretch of white sand at the Grand Hyatt Bali in Nusa Dua, where you’ll stay if you join us for the Europe & Middle East Sales Incentive Trip 2019. This private (and therefore uncrowded) beach is the biggest in Bali and a contender for most beautiful.

Just as stunning is the Grand Hyatt itself, where guests leave the ordinary behind. From the hotel lobby to your room and everything in between, this lush property will transport you to a tranquil world of lakes, gardens, lagoons and river-themed swimming pools.


When you’re ready to enjoy a great meal, take advantage of the delectable range of on-site options — five restaurants and three bars with a diverse selection of international and locally-inspired cuisines. Don’t pass up a chance to experience the resort’s signature restaurant, Pasar Senggol. As you dine under the stars, you will also enjoy a live cultural show that will remind you, in a good way, how far from home you really are.

See and experience all this and much more with your Jeunesse Family as a qualifier for the Europe & Middle East Sales Incentive Trip 2019: Bali. From monkeys and rice terraces to coral reefs and breathtaking sunsets, it’s a trip you won’t forget. But first you have to qualify – LEARN HOW!

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