We can find a million reasons you’ll fall in love with Athens, but the capital city’s status as an international foodie mecca might be higher on that list than you think.

So as you pack your passport, prepare your palate because the Greeks are serious about socializing over a great meal, and Jeunesse Distributors who qualify for the Asia Pacific & Africa Sales Incentive Trip 2019 will experience this firsthand.

Good, zesty and memorable food is core to Greek culture, and it’s impossible to be there and not get caught up in the festive, social theater of dining Greeks have enjoyed for centuries. Sit down to a traditional meze platter – a variety of small dishes served with drinks – and set your mind to sharing.

Think the fun ends at happy hour? Think again. After you’ve snacked the afternoon away, get ready for Athens nightlife. The setting sun is like an alarm clock for Greeks, signaling them to gather with friends and family and let loose before calling it a day. Try Brettos Bar at Kydathinaion 41 of the bustling Plaka district. The oldest distillery in Athens offers an authentic neighborhood experience, with old barrels full of fresh local ouzo, brandy, tsipouro and raki from Crete. The must-see here is the famous rows and rows and shelves and shelves of bottles filled with colorful liquors and liquids, beautifully backlit and sparkling against the night.

Upupa Epops The Bar at Alkminis 7 in Kato Petralona is spread over three houses, and dates from the 1930s. It still reflects the old Athens esthetic, but with a distinctly modern flair and stylish details. While not in the heart of the tourist zone, Upupa Epops is definitely worth a visit and offers plenty of all-day food options – from pizza to pancakes – in addition to a variety of signature cocktails.

One more thing you need to try in Athens: mountain tea. Also known as shepherd’s tea or ironwart, it’s made by brewing the stems, leaves and flowers of the sideritis plant, which can be translated as “he who is made of iron.” If you overindulge in Athens, it’s revered for helping with digestion. Add a little honey, maybe a little lemon, but make sure you try a cup!

So much more awaits you in Greece, often referred to as an “open-air museum of history” – don’t miss out on qualifying for the Asia Pacific & Africa Sales Incentive Trip 2019: Athens. Set your goals to make this trip, then soak up the history and rich culture, and create remarkable memories with your Jeunesse Family. INDULGE. DISCOVER. EXPLORE.

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