Qualifying for the North America Sales Incentive Trip 2019: Rome, now just a few months away, is an invitation to INDULGE. DISCOVER. EXPLORE. with your Jeunesse Family. One of the most anticipated parts of the trip: a tour of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel, likely a bucket list item for many.

As the world’s smallest sovereign state, Vatican City comprises a mere .17 square miles. Within that scant area, an incredibly rich and diverse art collection includes some of the most famous works from the Renaissance – most notably the Sistine Chapel. The works of Botticelli, Perugino, Rosselli and others accompany Michelangelo’s masterpieces within the chapel. No book can do this experience justice – seeing it in person is an experience of a lifetime.

In Raphael’s Rooms in the Palace of the Vatican, you’ll find equally stunning frescos painted by – you guessed it – Raphael. Charged in 1508 with decorating the Papal apartments, Raphael filled the imposing, vaulted space with portrayals of the great thinkers, artists and philosophers of the ages. These frescoes include perhaps the most famous of the Renaissance, “The School of Athens,” regarded as Raphael’s crowning work.

Next, explore Basilica Papale di San Pietro – the Basilica of Saint Peter – the largest church in the world and home to many works of art, including the “Pieta” sculpture of Jesus and Mary by Michelangelo, his only signed piece. The structures that make up the present-day basilica together form a Latin cross, with a dome at the center, considered by many as an homage to heaven, that protects the high altar at the shrine of St. Peter the Apostle.

Let this taste of what awaits you in Rome fuel your motivation to qualify for this trip, and join your Jeunesse Family in Rome this spring. We look forward to enjoying it with you!

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